Digimon Card Game Booster Box Ver. 4.0 Great Legend

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    Dash Packs Included

    12 Cards per Pack

    24 Packs per Display

    Set 4 contains the fan favorite Digimons known as “Greymons”, including WarGreymon, ShineGreymon, VictoryGreymon and more! These Greymons are the leading character in each series and are beloved by Digimon fans

    Greymon is an iconic character to all Digimon fans, and this main theme will attract more casual players and collectors to pick up the game!

    Common × 44
    Uncommon × 30
    Rare × 26
    Super Rare × 12
    Secret Rare × 3

    *Total 115 card types

    - $74.99

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